WESELLCULTURE participated in the exhibition in China Shandong Province

 in September 2018 with Fashion, Cosmetics and Medical supplies.

It is the second time to exhibit our own brands and products in China.

The exhibition aim was to reinforce trading between China, Japan and South Korea.

The first exhibition, we participated in June 2017, was held in Yentai city of China 

which main host company was BAZAAR, that is the world-famous fashion, beauty, 

and health related magazine.  

As our mother company, WhiteTigerGround which Korean name is 더블유티지, 

founded a branch office in China in the last year, April 2017, we will more and more 

accelerate to meet our Chinese customers in person in China. 

We was so happy to meet you all through the exhibitions.

See you again next year.  :-)